Art In May

 Some of my favorite students are graduating this Friday.  I’m going to miss them.  Teaching high school students has its challenges, but watching them grow is extremely rewarding.  I made my four seniors this year special paintings, so hopefully they’ll remember these years.  I’ll remember – I grew as well – for and with them.

Drew the letters, and my baby boy, Nicholas, added his special touch.  🙂


My sister is studying to be a vet; she has always loved animals.  I can remember several times, when we were kids, adults telling her that she should become a vet.  Now, she’s finally doing it.  My sister also loves tattoos – as do I.

Mix those all together – plus the love for four spoiled-rotten domestic fur-kids – and you get animal paw print tattoos.  This is her idea – she wrote it out – and I visually translated.  I really like them.  Hope you enjoy them too!

My sister wanted a new tattoo to dedicate to her animals.  I was more than happy to draw them up for her – kudos to the tattoo artist who translated watercolor over to ink!  Each paw represents one of her animals with their initial and fur pattern/colors.



Author: bizboston

BIZ BOSTON . . . is an art educator, writer, artist, painter and drawer in Missouri, USA. Born in United States of America and raised practically everywhere in it. She is fascinated with nonlinear narratives and memory. Artwork shares perspectives while simultaneously stirring alternative ones. Her paintings are created in oil, and her drawings are vary from pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

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