Lots of Small Things This Month

I wanted really neat looking, hand-drawn social icons for my website.  So I made my own.


I have decided to start an Etsy store by this May. I hoping to see my artwork – metamorphosis works and portraits – to anyone who wants them. There’s a lot to it. I’ve been researching it like crazy, and I feel like if there was three of me, I’d have more time for necessities – eating, sleeping, etc. Hopefully (a big hopefully), I’ll get spend my time with Nicholas and not have a part-time job to supplement my income. We shall see. Here are a couple of pieces I’ve started. I’m going to do original images as well as digital and high quality prints. A friend (Caroline) even suggested I make a downloadable adult coloring book. The whole thing has me very excited and feeling myself more than I have in years. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.


Here is the finished and WIP of a copy of Iron Giant character.  I chose mixed media because I was experimenting with the final product – I love the look.  Wish I had taken more time to draw him out before adding the ink though.  That’s alright – Nicholas looked at him and said, “Dat’s good, Mama!”



Author: bizboston

BIZ BOSTON . . . is an art educator, writer, artist, painter and drawer in Missouri, USA. Born in United States of America and raised practically everywhere in it. She is fascinated with nonlinear narratives and memory. Artwork shares perspectives while simultaneously stirring alternative ones. Her paintings are created in oil, and her drawings are vary from pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

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