Nanowrimo2016 Update

Nanowritmo is awesome!  I’m glad I decided to join up.  I’ve written nearly 10,000 words in three while keeping my head on my shoulders and going to work and taking care of my family in the evenings.  My cover is almost done, the Shaman is Peter, my protagonist – well, anti-hero.  Here’s another WIP of the drawing.

I’m done.  I finished it very late last night after writing over 5,000 words for the day.  (Which brings my Nano word count over 20,000).  Now, I have some character development to take care of  . . . and some laundry.

Should be using this time to work on a novel . . . but grocery shopping in Thanksgiving week took it out of me. I procrastinated and finished the cover of my book instead 🙂

So I just finished writing my first novel from start to finish in twenty-five days.  Through the help of Nanowrimo, I was able to stay focused and put every single second I could spare and others I found I had, toward writing this novel.  It’s done.  I have a finished manuscript.  It’s been a dream of mine since I was fourteen years old.  I did it.  It’s like giving birth, I feel just as happy and relieved and confused and wondering as I did when my son was born.

Let me repeat this one more time . . . I finished a manuscript for a novel.




Author: bizboston

BIZ BOSTON . . . is an art educator, writer, artist, painter and drawer in Missouri, USA. Born in United States of America and raised practically everywhere in it. She is fascinated with nonlinear narratives and memory. Artwork shares perspectives while simultaneously stirring alternative ones. Her paintings are created in oil, and her drawings are vary from pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

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