Where do your ideas come from?


“Writing is like meditation or going into an ESP trance, or prayer.  Like dreaming.  You are tapping into your unconscious.  To be fully conscious and alert, with life banging and popping and cuckooing all around, you are not going to find your way to your subconscious, which is a place of complete submission.” – Carolyn Chute

Have you ever had a dream, and thought why don’t I have these same ideas when I’m awake?

I do all the time, but Carolyn Chute summed up why these same creative ingredients are available to me when I’m awake.  The idea is that you need to be free of all distractions when you write, find an isolated area, don’t be baking cookies and trying to write at the same time.  For most people, that’s difficult to do once a week – let alone every day.  I find that my dreams are a great way to keep my creative juices going.  I even keep a dream journal.  I find that I have the most aesthetically pleasing landscapes in my dreams.  There’s dialogue, but I never remember the conversations after I wake up.  I look for the vividness of my dreams, and I want to add the same depth into my writing.

If I can get my husband to watch our son, put on some instrumental music, and write for three hours straight, I can get to these vivid ideas without being asleep.  For me, dreaming is as entertaining as reading a book.  Just wish I could remember the dreams more often.  From the landscapes that I dream, I can use them as scenery in my writings, even if the story I write isn’t related to dream.  I had this wintry dream a few weeks ago, and while dreaming I even felt like I was walking in this landscape outside.  Everything from chilly temperatures, howl of the wind, and the numb feeling on my nose as I remained outside.  They all existed in this dream.

“The colors are all neutral, even clothes and skin.  No one has rosy cheeks.  The skin is a perfect medium grey.  The road I’m traveling is made of dirt and pebbles.  Most of the gravel has been divided into stripes, leaving exposed Earth where the tires usually rut.  The road is covered in an invisible ice, but is extremely treacherous.  To the right of the road is a foggy grassland.  The grass is brown and quickly falls out of purview.  To the left, is a stone wall, made of many organic stones of various grey.  It’s unclear if the wall is mam-made or organic.  Above the wall, bare trees grow and cling to a hill that appears too dangerous.  The Earth may loose hold and avalanche at any moment.  The Earth lacks detail, color and form.  However, there is always a house above the land.  It’s unclear if it’s on top of a hill or farther off in the distant.  The house is white with black details.  The window panes are black, yet the house seems friendly. “

So what kind of inspiration do you draw from your dreams?  Or maybe nightmares?

Have a great week everyone,

Biz Boston


Author: bizboston

BIZ BOSTON . . . is an art educator, writer, artist, painter and drawer in Missouri, USA. Born in United States of America and raised practically everywhere in it. She is fascinated with nonlinear narratives and memory. Artwork shares perspectives while simultaneously stirring alternative ones. Her paintings are created in oil, and her drawings are vary from pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

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